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Everything You Need To Know About The Hartford Whalers


With NHL season underway, we're looking back at the Hartford Whalers; perhaps the most beloved defunct team in all of history. Part of the reason for their notoriety is their awesome logo, but there are plenty of other reasons to remember the Hartford Whalers.

History of The Hartford Whalers


Early Days 

The Whalers came into existence in 1972 as the New England Whalers, calling Boston their home until 1974 when they moved to Hartford. They played in the WHA, or World Hockey Association, which was a league that competed with and took players from the NHL between 1972-1979. The Whalers came in first place in the WHA for their first 3 seasons as a team. The NHL and WHA merged in 1979, and at that time the Whalers also joined the NHL.

The NHL Whalers 

The Hartford Whalers played in the NHL from 1979-1997.  In their 18 NHL seasons, they made the playoffs 8 times but never won a Stanley Cup. Attendance at their games was weak, as Hartford is located between Boston and New York. Their games only tended to sell out when the Rangers or Bruins came to play in Hartford, and then the stands would be filled with mostly fans of the away team. Nowadays the Whalers are legendary, and hockey fans everywhere are seen sporting Hartford Whalers apparel. The Whalers were pretty good for a while, but between 1989 and 1992 they made a few terrible trade decisions that got rid of many players that had brought success to the team. As a result, the Whalers began to decline in more ways than one.

The End Of The Whalers 

In the 90s, the Whalers started falling apart at the seams. Their last playoff run happened in 1992 when they played and lost a 7-game series against the Canadians. Afterwards they underwent a series of frustrating ownership, coaching, and roster changes in an attempt to salvage what was left of the team. The "Save The Whale" campaign helped to boost ticket sales during the 1994 season, but it was not effective enough to carry them past 1997. The Whalers played their last game in Hartford in 1997, a 2-1 victory over the Vancouver Canucks. The team then moved to Raleigh and became the Carolina Hurricanes.

Legacy of The Hartford Whalers 


The Howe Family

Gordie Howe and his two sons, Mark and Marty, played on the Whalers together for three seasons.  Gordie Howe retired as a Whaler at the age of 52, making him the oldest NHL player ever. We think it's pretty awesome how Gordie was in the NHL for long enough that his sons grew up and joined the league before he was too old to play anymore.


Pucky The Whale

With the dissolving of the Whalers in 1997, their mascot Pucky The Whale also disappeared. Pucky was not seen for 13 years, but in 1997 the Hartford Wolf Pack changed their name to the Connecticut Whale and Pucky joined the team as a second mascot, in addition to Sonar The Wolf. The Connecticut Whale only lasted until 2013, when they went back to being called the Hartford Wolf Pack. With the changing back to the Wolf Pack, Pucky has again disappeared.

The Brass Bonanza 
The Hartford Whalers Victory March, also known as The Brass Bonanza, is the song that was played after the Whalers scored a goal. Gordie Howe is quoted to have said that this song "drove him nuts" during his tenure on the Hartford Whalers. I can see where Mr. Howe was coming from.


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Top 10 Retired College Sports Team Logos

There's something special about retired logos, whether or not you're old enough to remember them. They give of a certain feeling of nostalgia, regardless of the team's performance at the time. Plus, some of these old logos are way more awesome than the current logo. Of course many teams had valid reasons to change their logo, but just because a logo has been retired doesn't mean it can't be admired!

Here is The Vault's list of the ten best retired logos in the NCAA:

10. NC State Wolfpack Primary Logo 1972-1999

old school nc state logo

Here we have the old version of NC State's Mr. Wuf logo. It's much more detailed than the current logo, which is what makes it cool. Most current logos adopt a less is more policy, but in the past they tried to look as tough as possible. That's why this logo looks like it would eat the current logo for breakfast.

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9. Navy Midshipmen Secondary Logo 1972-1997

This logo has such a classic feel that we had to include it in the list. Bill the Goat is his name, except nowadays Navy went with a more animalistic portrayal. The old school version looks like a man with the face of a goat, as if he were about to start talking smack about this weekend's game.

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8. Florida State Seminoles Alternate Logo 1976-1987

Although Osceola and Renegade still introduce the Seminoles at home games, this alternate logo was retired from official use in 1987. The real life version of the mascot almost identical to this logo, so I'm not quite sure why they don't use it anymore.

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7. Michigan Wolverines Primary Logo 1948-1963


Fun fact about Michigan football: back in the 1920s they would bring two real life wolverines onto the field during games. Their names were Bennie and Biff, and they were carted around the stadium for years until they became too vicious and were donated to the Detroit Zoo.

P.S. Don't tell the Buckeyes that we didn't put any of their logos on our list.

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6. Miami Hurricanes Alternate Logo 1972-1999


I'd be willing to bet a lot of money that the reason why this logo was retired is the fact that Sebastian the Ibis is smoking a pipe. It doesn't really make sense for a sports team to a mascot that smokes a pipe. Might send the wrong message, you know?

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5. Hawaii Warriors Primary Logo 1982-1997

This old school Hawaii Rainbow Warriors logo has a really retro feel to it. It looks like a video game logo or something, but in fact it was the logo for a football team. We picked it because it's a pretty chill logo, just like Hawaii is a pretty chill place.

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4. Syracuse Orangemen Primary Logo 1972-1988

This was from a time when Syracuse played as the Orangemen or Orangewomen, depending on the sport. It isn't hard to guess why this logo isn't in use anymore, but we still think it looks pretty awesome. That Native American looks ready to destroy somebody. I wouldn't want to mess with that Syracuse tribe if this was still their logo.

3. University of Illinois Primary Logo 1989-2003 


Chief Illiniwek is another popular retired logo that was surrounded by controversy during its use, and eventually the NCAA decided to ban it. Still, many people admire the Chief and disagree with the school's decision to retire the mascot.

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2. University of Mississippi Primary Logo 1970-1995 


Colonel Reb was chosen for this list because he remains a local legend on the Ole Miss campus. There was some controversy over the use of Colonel Reb as a mascot, so the school switched him out for Rebel Black Bear. Still, a large percentage of the Ole Miss fans still consider Colonel Reb their mascot.

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1. Oregon Ducks Primary Logo 1974-1993

This Oregon Ducks logo is none other than Disney's Donald Duck. If you look closely at the bottom of the image you can see the Disney trademark. This logo is much cooler than the simple "O" they're rocking nowadays, but the Oregon Ducks still always look fresh. The green and yellow color combination just pops. That's why we had to place them at number one. Plus, what other school can say that Disney made their logo?

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 Honorable Mention: College of Charleston Cougars Primary Logo 1964-2002

We couldn't leave our hometown team out of the mix, even if they don't have a football team. This was CofC's logo for almost 50 years before they updated it in 2003. It was updated again in 2012, each time taking on a more modern look.

College of Charleston Football: Undefeated Since 1770.

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Did we miss any of your favorite logos? Let us know in the comments below!

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Notre Dame @ Clemson Will Be Played Rain Or Shine

Despite the record-breaking rainfall on forecast, Clemson still plans to host Notre Dame tomorrow night in Death Valley. Frank Howard Field is a grass field, but the school is confident in their drainage system and fully intends on playing the game. We'll see how the weather unfolds over the course of the day, but we could be looking at a muddy game. Notre Dame and Clemson are both undefeated ACC teams and they aren't trying to let a whole lot of rain stop their momentum. It will be interesting to see how the torrential downpour affects gameplay for both teams.

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