Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Who Were The Charleston Rainbows?

Charleston Rainbows The Vault

You've probably heard of the Charleston Riverdogs, but do you know about the Charleston Rainbows? The Rainbows were the minor league baseball team in Charleston from 1985-1993, before being re-branded as the Riverdogs. They played their games at College Park, which now serves as a practice field for The Citadel's baseball team as well as host to other community events. 

The Rainbows were an affiliate of the San Diego Padres, and for awhile they were pretty darn good. In the 1985 season (their very first one) they finished 78-61 with help from Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar and his brother Sandy, both who went on to play in the majors. After a promising first season the Rainbows were looking tough, but the rest of their existence was filled with a lot of ups and downs. Their best season was in 1988 when they finished 83-53, which was also the best overall record in the league that year. 

After a few losing seasons in a row, the Rainbows decided to throw in the towel. In 1993 they changed their name to the Charleston Riverdogs and it's been that way ever since, except for the one game per year that the Riverdogs wear throwback Charleston Rainbows uniforms. But that doesn't stop us from wanting to look back and admire this defunct team more often, so we stocked up on plenty of Charleston Rainbows Retro Brand shirts. You can find them both in-store and on the web at!

Charleston Rainbows Retro Brand

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