Tuesday, September 1, 2015

5 Reasons Why We Love Retro Brand

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Most of the college and NHL t-shirts at The Vault are made by Original Retro Brand, and you might be wondering why. There are plenty of brands that manufacture NCAA apparel, so why Retro Brand? Well, to put it simply, Retro Brand rocks. But simply saying they rock isn't really enough, so here's a list of five reasons why The Vault loves Retro Brand:

1. Made in USA
It wouldn't be right for this to not be the first reason. Every shirt made by Retro Brand is made right here in the USA. When you wear Retro Brand, you know that it wasn't mass-produced for next-to-nothing overseas. You just can't beat American-made quality, especially when it comes to t-shirts.

2. Classic Logos
The logos are another awesome thing about Original Retro Brand shirts. They really know how to throw it back to give you the coolest logo or mascot that the team has ever used. Whether it be a current or vintage logo, Retro Brand always looks great. They have found the perfect combination of the past and present, and The Vault loves it.

3. Ultimate Comfort
All Retro Brand shirts are pre-washed and pre-shrunk, so they may run a little smaller than your average shirt, but they will not shrink up on you. These tees hold up over the years with the same fit as the day you first wore it. You will feel right at home in a Retro Brand Shirt, and you don't have to worry about it falling apart at the seams. It's that old school look and feel, straight from the shelf.

4. Great Customer Service
Not only does Retro Brand make the best shirts, but they also have great people working for them. Its nice being able to know that there's a person on the other side of the boxes that come in, and with Retro Brand, there's no doubt about that. Their employees often stop by and talk sports with us, and you know we love to talk sports!

5. Awesome Social Media
Shout out to Retro Brand for having the whole package. Their social media is definitely worth checking out. Connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to see what's going on at Retro Brand. These guys are doing it right. 
Next time you're shopping at The Vault, keep your eyes peeled for Retro Brand shirts. It shouldn't be too hard; they're all over the place!

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  1. Ya'll know the feeling is mutual!!! Thanks for the kind words and all the support. WE LOVE YOUR STORE!