Friday, August 21, 2015

The Vault Is Ready For Football Season!

Original Retro Brand College Shirts
This has been a huge summer for The Vault team. We put in big orders of Original Retro Brand shirts and when they came in we went to work unpacking boxes and getting them out on the floor. Finding space for all of our new merchandise has proven to be a challenge, but our employees were up for the task, and now the store is overflowing with awesome new college shirts just in time for football season!

In addition to our stores being fully stocked, our website has been making leaps and bounds. The Vault's marketing department has been hard at work photographing the new shirts and getting them uploaded to the online store. That means if even if you aren't from Charleston, The Vault can still supply you with the finest in sports apparel from your favorite team.

The Vault is beyond excited for college football to kickoff on September 3rd. We know you're excited too, so come stop by and talk some smack!

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